A while back, some network engineers at AS42184 decided to set up a (then) Twitter account to share glimpses of their day-to-day work. And tech porn. Mostly tech porn. Now that the platform is crumbling, we thought about moving to Mastodon (or even Bluesky?), but hosting a Mastodon instance sounds like a lot of work, and we could only reach a subset of our followers. So we decided to take a step back and start this blog. With the added benefit of keeping posted stories more visible (and searchable) on the web.

In any case, the content here will be mostly technical, covering topics like peering, fast fiber links, switches, and big expensive routers that are really expensive. Soon we will be implementing EVPN/VXLAN in our new backbone, and we just connected a new BNG platform that still lacks a CGN solution to spoil some of the current topics.

a stack of network hardware, including Juniper MX204s and EX4600 switches and a bit of out-of-band management hardware
BNG-NG based on Juniper hardware

The existence of this blog may even tempt us to put some effort into writing about the failures and victories as they come. But it’s also possible that there will be long periods of silence during busy periods. We’ll see.

Apart from the day-to-day business, you can already find some information about our network and detailed resources on how to peer with us in our peering policy.